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Car İnsurance Cheap Car İnsurance

Car İnsurance

Car İnsurance Mandatory Traffic Insurance provides the insured against damages to other vehicles or third parties due to any accident within the borders of Turkey.

Car İnsurance
Car İnsurance

Cheap Car İnsurance

Material damage guarantee
Health expenses coverage
Permanent disability coverage
death guarantee

Cheap Car İnsurance


İnsurance Quotes

İnsurance Quotes

Damages caused by inoperative vehicles
Intangible damages
Demands of interested parties that are not covered by the liability risk of the insured,
Due to damage to the property of the insured, spouse, lineage and lineage of the insured, those who are dependent on the insured by adoptive relationship, siblings of the insured
Claims to be made against the insured due to the damages to be incurred by the goods carried in the insured vehicle or the trailer/semi-trailer towed by this vehicle, excluding the luggage and similar items brought by the injured party.
A. Other matters specified in Article 6 of the General Conditions


Auto İnsurance

Auto İnsurance

Standard Traffic
The main traffic guarantee given under the General Conditions
Extra Traffic
The main traffic guarantee Car İnsurance given under the General Conditions
Optional Financial Liability Guarantee (It is no default, it can be increased according to need.)
Personal accident coverage (Can be increased according to standard death/permanent disability treatment costs and need.)
Legal protection guaranteed (standard and can be upgraded as needed.)
Magdeburger Help
Main Traffic Scope Given Under General Conditions
Magdeburger Help

Roots insurance

If the vehicle needs to be towed or salvaged as a result of an accident, the insured may benefit from the services whose conditions and limits are stated below, provided that they call the 24/7 Emergency Helpline of Magdeburger Sigorta. It can be learned by calling the Car İnsurance 24/7 Emergency Helpline.

Vehicle Coverage
Towing – For Passenger Cars
Vehicle Recovery for Passenger Cars – L
Transport in case of injury as a result of a vehicle accident – (1 Time)
Counter Vehicle Warranties
Towing for Passenger Cars – L
Vehicle Recovery – for Passenger Cars
Vehicle Coverage
Vehicle towing and recovery services within 0 km from the Permanent Residence, and other services throughout Turkey from 25 km to a maximum of 60 consecutive days if the vehicle is traveling together. This policy applies to situations that result from a vehicle accident that immobilizes the vehicle. Car İnsurance

Towing and recovery of the vehicleIn the event of an accident, the Car İnsurance Company will ensure that the vehicle is transported to the nearest repair shop within the limit. If the insured vehicle overturns, overturns or falls to another level, the vehicle will be recovered. The maximum amount to be paid for the recovery of the vehicle.

Shop Car İnsurance

Insurance transfer in case of injury as a result of a vehicle accident shop car insurance
In the event the Insured is injured as a result of a vehicle accident, the Company will transfer the Insured to the nearest medical center

or from one medical center to another or to the Place of Permanent Residence by ambulance or any other means shop car insurance of transportation deemed most appropriate by the accompanying doctor and the Company’s doctor. It undertakes to meet the necessary expenses once a year within the TL limit.

Transfer from one medical center to another will shop car insurance be provided only if the medical center does not have the necessary equipment and medical team to treat the patient. A medical report from the treating doctor is required for the transplant.

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