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His Life Was Unfortunate ~ Peculiar Abandoned Manor Lost in Portugal! Ek İş Fırsatları 2022

His Life Was Unfortunate ~ Peculiar Abandoned Manor Lost in Portugal! #ekiş Evde Yapılacak Ek İşler 2022

#ekiş #evdeiş #parakazanma #paketlemeişi

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In this video, we’re going to explore an abandoned mansion in Portugal. This mansion was once the home of a Portuguese videographer, but his life was unlucky…

This is the story of Carlos Pinto, he was someone who had seemingly everything, his life was literally carved out for him. Carlos graduated from university as a cinematographer and worked for years in the United States on numerous well-regarded movies. During that time, he also met his wife Linda, and they made the decision to move back to his home country of Portugal. They moved into the extravagant mansion that Carlos inherited from his parents, this was also the place where their 2 beautiful children, Jori and Helga were born. Although everything appeared perfect for them, his wife was growing increasingly unhappy with their life in Portugal, and this led her to decide to move back to the United States.

Their son Jori had respiratory problems, so they made the decision that it would be better for him to stay in Portugal with Carlos, and Helga moved back to the USA with her mother. Over the years, Jori’s health grew ever more fragile, and he passed away at a very young age.

All of this had a big hit on Carlos his mental and physical health. Over the years this only grew worse, and he only lived until the age of 57, when he left planet earth behind forever…

Upon entering this peculiar house we got the feeling that somebody was still living there, even though the place had been abandoned for more than 15 years, it felt strange, just like somebody could come walking inside right at that moment.

Let us take you on a tour of what has been left behind, and tell you the story of their lives.

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  1. 26:04 door moving on its own? or perhaps a result of uneven floorboards… intriguing nonetheless

  2. A very gentle & tender presentation, showing sensitivity & humour towards a lovely gentle…man , who lived alas , such a short life. It’s also a tragedy , losing wife daughter & ultimately his young son (forever ) … that , it’s most likely that he gave up on his own life !! For Life without LOVE is no life at all , is it ? Greatly Respect your presentation & heartily cheer you for the same .

  3. If you do a beautiful job of presenting people’s homes that have long gone forgotten you have great respect and it shows your parents brought you up right

  4. What a great find! All of the different kinds of things inside the house was wild. Thank you for the beautiful narrative. I am surprised that the wife did not come back and sell the house. Or the daughter for that fact. Too bad it ended up this way.

  5. Já deixando o meu like 👍 lugares abandonados são espaços urbanos, fechados, muitas vezes distantes e esquecidos aos olhares 👀 e movimentos de pessoas, como sempre, Leslie com sua narrativa impecável, 👱 O Tempo não para ⏰⌚⏳🕧 Só as casa abandonadas 🏠🏚 é que pararam no tempo, O Tempo é um ótimo contador de histórias

  6. I restore vintage lighting, it’s my thing. I like to see if I can spot and identify old lighting in you videos. At 26:42 is a beautiful rare 1930’s Original Kaiser Idell model 6551 with a Chrome Pole Bauhaus Desk Lamp and another Idell at 29:19 I just thought I’d share that with you. Keep up the good work , absolutely fascinating.

  7. If you do a beautiful job of presenting people’s homes that have long gone forgotten you have great respect and it shows your parents brought you up right

  8. I suppose televisions made in those days didn’t last long. Some only 2-3 years and the screens not working any longer. Perhaps because they still looked new, Carlos collected them all.

  9. Wow thank you for this wonderful time piece . Love and Peace out.see you on the next explore

  10. Very cool, from the capsule of the past tense, thank you for your valuable efforts and thank you for the translation. You are really wonderful and thank you🌹🌹🌹👌

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