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İnternetten Para Kazanma Sadece Kaydol İlk Kayitta 100 Usd Al İnternetten Para Kazanma 2022

İnternetten Para Kazanma Sadece Kaydol İlk Kayitta 100 Usd Al #İnternetten Para Kazanma 2022

#evdeparakazanma #internettenparakazanma #parakazanma #para #Bedavapara

1143 Kişi Okudu – 93 Kişi Beğendi Sende Beğen Yorum Yap

Kayit linki :https://www.dcgccapital.com/register?inviter=UWTTPG

: Register to give 100USDT, activate 100USDT to obtain permanent income

Official website link: https://page.dcgccapital.com/

Invitation code:https://www.dcgccapital.com/register?inviter=UWTTPG
Join the group and receive USDT every day
Official telegram group:https://t.me/+3U5SlW6sd9dhMjg1
Income Explanation
1: The daily mining revenue of the website is 6-8% (the minimum deposit for successful registration of new users is to recharge the account at the current exchange rate to activate the account, and then the income will be permanent.
2: Permanent withdrawal limit
(Deposit 5-499U daily withdrawal 2.0%
Deposit 500-999U and withdraw 2.5% daily
Deposit 1000-9999U and withdraw 3% daily
Deposit 10000-99999 daily withdrawal 3.5%
4% daily withdrawal of USDT with a deposit of more than 100,000 USDT
Deposit over 1,000,000 5%
The more deposits, the higher the yield, the faster the return, the higher the daily withdrawal limit,
3: Promotion Rewards Please promote your share link on your Facebook, Facebook group, YouTube, Intagram, Twitter, Telegraph group or any social media platform (Share link: log in to the website and click the “Share” button to enter). For anyone who signs up and deposits, you will get up to 17% commission. These commissions will be credited to your promotional account and you can withdraw them at any time without limitation.

Investment principal recovery time:
Deposit 2-499U 2%, only 50 days to recover the investment principal, enjoy the daily withdrawal limit
Deposit 500-1999U 2.5% permanent withdrawal limit, you can earn back the investment principal in just 40 days and enjoy the daily withdrawal limit
Deposit 2000-9999U 3% permanent withdrawal limit, only 33.3 days to earn back the investment principal and enjoy the daily withdrawal limit
Deposit 10000-99999 3.5% permanent withdrawal limit, it only takes 28.5 days to earn back the investment principal,
Deposits higher than 100000-999999 or even more USDT enjoy a permanent withdrawal limit of 4% of the daily withdrawal limit, and the investment principal can be recovered in just 25 days.
Withdrawal Rules
Withdrawals must use the Polygon-usdt collection address, otherwise it will not be credited, remember! ! ! !
Dynamic introduction rewards, continuous income!
Level 1 users recharge, get 5% reward
Level 2 users recharge, get 3% reward
Level 3 users recharge, get 2% reward
The stronger the team, the more profit!

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