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Two Bills Drive 2022

two bills drive


Already a champion: Cook began saying on Friday that he’s ready to win a national championship with Buffalo.  Invoice of the period from the beginning of your subscription to the end of the month (PARTIAL INVOICE)

This invoice is a partial invoice from the date your service is active until the end of the month. In addition, the installment fee of our subscribers who purchase new subscriptions (reflected in 3 installments on 3 separate invoices) is also included in this invoice. Two bills drive.

– The next month’s invoice you will use

Since the service you receive is prepaid, it is your invoice for the new term. In other words, we tell you how much you will pay at the beginning of the month and you pay us towards the end of the month.


We will issue the invoice of the month you will receive service and send it to you on the 1st of that month. Your due date is the 7th business day from the end of each month. So it coincides with a date between the 20th and 25th of the month. You can access your invoices and details at any time via Online transactions and visit our Frequently Asked Billing Questions page.


In order to get support for your invoice and have your invoices checked, you can submit your requests under the Create support record title below.

In order for us to examine your request more quickly, please indicate your invoice number and the invoice item that needs to be checked in the support record.


My Bill Is Coming In Too High, What Should I Do?

Are You Saying My Bill Is Too High?
Here are ways to save you the hassle of paying high bills.My Bill is a very High Bill shock, which is an annoying situation that some people face often, and some people have happened to it maybe once. No one wants to face a $150 bill while waiting. To pay a $40 bill at the end of the month.

It is actually very easy to avoid encountering unexpected bills and take control of your bills. First of all, you can put an end to high bills by. Choosing a tariff that suits your needs with package and invoice inquiry services and tracking your usage within a month. Here are ways to prevent bill shock step by step:

Don’t Tell Me My Bill Is Too High!

Choose a package that matches your monthly conversation habit
If you are a person who speaks for an average of 400-500 minutes a month, do not say “one 500-minute package is enough for me”. If you go a little more than a month and talk for 600 minutes. The 100-minute conversation you make outside the package may be reflected in your October bill for an additional $ 45-60. You can find the tariffs suitable for your needs on the main.

Page with our tariff selection tool.

two bills drive

If you are sending a short message (SMS), your tariff must be a tariff that includes SMS. Two bills drive
If you are saying, “I already send very few SMS, what should I do with the 500 SMS in my tariff,” don’t say it. if you discard even 30 of them. Discard them from your package. Otherwise the 30 SMS you will discard when you have a tariff without SMS will cause you to receive more than $ 10 in bills.


If you have a smartphone, you should also have an internet package

If you do not have any Internet-related business. And have completely disabled your Internet settings on your phone, we have nothing to say, but if you have a smartphone and have access to the Internet, you should definitely have an internet package that suits your needs. Even if you are accessing the Internet via wi-Fi, applications running in the background.

Two bills drive when you are not connected. To wi-Fi, or some updates that your smartphone will make over 3G may return to you as an installed invoice at the end of the month. If there is also an internet package in your tariff, you will not  two bills drive encounter such problems unless you exceed your package.


Consider 80% and 100% of messages from your carrier two bills drive

Consider 80% and 100% of messages from your carrier two bills drive

Many people do not read and ignore messages from operators, thinking that they are just advertising or campaign information, but all three operators inform us about the details of the conversation, SMS and the use of our Internet package. The first message arrives when we have used up 80% of our package,

and the second when we have finished the entire one. October You want to continue using it after receiving the information that you are using it 100% for speech, SMS or internet packages, be sure to get an additional package if you want to continue using it, two bills drive otherwise the standard package October fee will cause your bill to swell.

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